Devine Marriage, keeping it fresh!

It is has been a long, windy, and wonderful journey… Sometimes it does feel like the John Prine tune i.e.: In Spite of Ourselves!

However, we work hard at keeping our marriage “fresh”…

We make a point of not doing the saturday nite “Archie Bunker” staying home watching the television. Building a rainbow with music. Not huge venues or big acts. Rather, small venues that feature local talent. Watching T.V. tends to make a couple static.

Kinda like water you want to keep it moving to keep it fresh. Versus, a static pond. A static pond quickly becomes rancid. A static marriage likewise becomes rancid. Same old, same old…

I try to have 3 new venues a year.

Joining many years ago the Philadelphia FolkSong Society.

Part of this membership gives us 8 to 10 free concerts a year. Our $80.00 couple membership equals out to about $4.00 a concerts. Wowie! It keeps the marriage fresh.

Steel City, Godfrey Daniels, Landhaven, and other venues offer tickets from: $15.00 to $45.00 nothing that breaks the bank.

The surrounding towns offer summer concert series that are free of charge. We make it a picnic. A blanket, a cooler of ice tea, along with sandwiches, or a cheese and cracker spread. Again, not breaking the bank. So, we can do it frequently.


Not only do we have the benefit of live arts keeping out minds fresh. We get to enjoy in a sober, environment live music in an the idyllic setting. Nature, and music life just doesn’t get much better.

Stay tuned for; more on keeping it fresh…!


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