Devine Marriage: belonging?

Both BobbyD & I remember the night we met. That was 39 years ago. Through thick and thin we have that special moment where two hearts beat as one. We became a unit when we married. I consider him in all the decisions I make and conversely BobbyD does the same for me.

Mother Therese said “a life worth living is worth living for others.” And so it is in our marriage. It is me first it is still we first. Dinner’s are what we like not what I like take it or leave it. Vacation’s are what we like not what I like take it or leave it. It is today, tomorrow, yesterday, and forever love!

There is no time limit and belonging as the day we wed is kinda for us ~ forever…:

This wonderful thing we call love has sustained us through many storms. The travails of life come. The bloom of youth goes. We get older. If you don’t have that feeling of belonging it is easy to give up. I’m not judging those that haven’t been able to make it work. Just kinda saying ~ what’s work for us…:


Love is love…

If love is all I need, then why BobbyD. And on BobbyD’s side, why me? I think it comes down to that special feeling. A knowing that person is the one. Like looking at a litter of kittens or puppies. How do you know which one? It is an feeling you get… I can’t see the wind but I know the wind when I feel it. I can’t see the heat or the cold but I know the heat of summer. The cold of winter when I feel it.

I believe in love. It is stronger than hate. It is kinda God on earth when we love another. Or, at least for me…

For the past 2  years BobbyD has driven me crazy with, “I want you to be happy.” I’ve been retired for a number of years. My days kept full with gardening.

So when the opportunity presented itself to me to become ordained and serve the LGBT community with marriage officiating. I considered it for a while before speaking to BobbyD about it. A happy time, filled with love, hopes, and dreams. I am now “ordained”. The pieces falling into place as I await my first clients.