Devine Marriage, adoring each other part 2…

My day, every day begins with coffee. Bobby makes it and I wait… usually watching the news. We use a self pour system which means “work”. The water has to be boiled, and then poured slowly over the drip. It is kinda old school & manual. I take my coffee with milk, and last Christmas I was given the luxury of a frothier. Which, again is old school & manual.

A person has to adore you a step beyond “love”. To every morning make the coffee and bring it to you. BobbyD, adores me.

I can make coffee but it is this morning ritual, playing out ~ day after, day. Into year after year. I never asked BobbyD to do this and trust me it isn’t a requirement. However; this one morning task is how we begin our day. Each day! Thirty five, plus years of days… adoring each other.



Devine Marriage, adoring each other…

It kinda has to start and end with adoring the other person in your relationship. If not, then it becomes a one sided or a one way relationship. Each person although unique has to venerate the other. Not an easy task thought thick and thin.

It doesn’t matter if it is a hetrosexal or same sex relationship without that mutual attraction and adoration the relationship will not last.

Life is a struggle and struggle or hard times are sure to come. However; you don’t have that feeling or let go of the feeling that you once had your love with not last…

BobbyD and I have flat tires, bills to pay, we get lost driving places just like everybody else. However; for us it isn’t the end of the world. We hold onto each other. We support each other thought the hard times, and through the good times. Why? Simply because we ‘adore’ each other.

I’m BobbyD’s best friend. BobbyD is my best friend. Best friends!