Devine Marriage, adoring each other part 2…

My day, every day begins with coffee. Bobby makes it and I wait… usually watching the news. We use a self pour system which means “work”. The water has to be boiled, and then poured slowly over the drip. It is kinda old school & manual. I take my coffee with milk, and last Christmas I was given the luxury of a frothier. Which, again is old school & manual.

A person has to adore you a step beyond “love”. To every morning make the coffee and bring it to you. BobbyD, adores me.

I can make coffee but it is this morning ritual, playing out ~ day after, day. Into year after year. I never asked BobbyD to do this and trust me it isn’t a requirement. However; this one morning task is how we begin our day. Each day! Thirty five, plus years of days… adoring each other.



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