It is a long road…

You need to be in it for the long haul when you say those “I do’s”. It wil not always be easy being married. For us we had the traditional vows as it kinda was the only option at the time. So, it was a literal “in sickness and in health”.

35 years ago, we couldn’ have imagine getting old… But it happens in those 35 years. It happened.

Both Bobby and I have some health issues. Bringing new challenges to our relationship. It is the love that is getting us through these trying times.

A simple case of the “flu” turned into a bout of A Fib with an unexpected week in the hospital. A nightly ritual of a EKG: Diet changes. Lifestyle accomodations given to Mother Nature, i.e.: health alerts for vulernable populations.

Something that when we were young our minds never envisioned. We kinda  had rose colored glasses of youth with non of the challenges that age brings.


I’m 63, BobbyD is 69… it is a long road well worth the journey. Not giving up but looking forward to another 30 years. Making the milestone of our fifty anniversary. “Mine for ever more”…

“Mine for ever more”, the Beatles.

“Love is a long road”, Tom Petty.


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