Devine Marriage, “we” not an “me”,,,!

If Devine Marriage is about harmony. A cooperative based on the concept of “we” in harmony. Each voice adding to the marriage. A working together complimenting the other but not overshadowing the other.

We are  two complete people. Those who know us as a couple will tell you we are two distinct people. BobbyD has his personality and gifts. BobbyD is a type “B”, laid back. Me, type “A”  my personality complimenting his. We work together for the good of the family, and our marriage.

My friend, Jeanette Yanks would tell me: “Karen, you have a good marriage”… Which we do. However; it is work. Hard work making a “we” not a “me”…

To give one an example of the concept of “we” vs “me”. We consider for the most part the feelings, the needs, etc.. of each other.

Recently BobbyD was working and I was out with Rob, our oldest to dinner. The youngest was playing at a local bar. The youngest was suppose to join Rob and I but something came up with his band. So Rob and I had dinner with family friends.

I don’t drink nor does BobbyD. We have choosen a sober life style for our senior years. Rob, and I ate dinner together. The friends going over to hear the youngest, Joe, at a local bar.

“Come on, Karen it will be fun” my friend coaxed? Me, I replied “No, it’s not my thing.” Not judging as I explained but not the image nor fitting into my life style the bar scene. Nobody “forbid me”, nobody “controlling me”.


So, we missed the youngest gig. There will be another gig, and in a more family friendly venue.

Neither one of us, gives the opportunity for gossip nor angst in the other. We are bound by love and the work of making a life together. Not everybody has it? Not everybody gets it? The idea or concept that a relationship is work. That it is about harmony the blending of voices to make one sound.

Harmony: a sound that gives pleasure and is fun to be around. A relationship that brings joy. A “good marriage” as my friend Jeanette would say! Hard word.

Stay tune, next keeping it fresh……………………….!


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