The Making of 2 part harmony…

Harmony, put simply is the blending of 2 things to make
something more pleasing. BobbyD & I each one exists apart from the other but ask people and they think of us as a couple. Together we attempt to live in harmony. Each one making the other better.

It isn’t in either one of our venacular’s to exclude the other. Bob believed in me. It was his support that aided me in attending college. We are the other’s wings support and encouraging each other dreams.

It isn’t what I want, nor what BobbyD wants it is what works. We are a team and have been a team from the beginning. BobbtyD makes me a better person. In kind, I make BobbyD a better person.


To give you an example of how we support each other. We are part of each other coming together to make a “Devine Marriage”.

Music has always been a vital part of our relationship. Bob was a drummer playing in a local band. He was new in the game of preforming and lacked confidence. Neither one of us had any money so one of our first dates was band practice.

The Band practiced in down town Schwenksville, Pa. in kitchen that housed 6 children, and a husband and wife. They practiced in the kitchen the biggest room. They were getting ready for their first gig. They were all nervous, “their first live performance”.

BobbyD took a kitchen stoll ~ placing it in front to his drum kit in the center of the room. The stoll was backless I shall never forget that…! It was kinda brutal and I had a lot of time to think sitting there while the band practice. It occurred that my purpose there on that stoll was to give Bob confidence because he would look up now and then at me.

When the band took a break the oldest daughter asked me if I rather watch TV with them I declined. Because, I realised my purpose of being at band practice was to support BobbyD by “by being there where he could focus on something that supported him”.

35 years, later… Barto Jam, there I am sitting where BobbyD can see me. Him looking up now and then for the smile that encourages him.


How it began all those years ago, A Devine Marriage

It was the late 70s. Me out with the girls on the town. Dancing with the girls at a local honkey tonk, Tolland’s Tavern. The Johnston Brother’s band was playing. Some 10 or so of us in the group…

The room was divided into 2 groups of tables, with a dance floor in the middle. Stage one end, bar the other. It became apparrent that out group would need a bigger table. Which meant switching sides of the room from the left to the right. The left side being BobbyD’s ( he was a cocktail waiter), but I didn’t know him at the time…

So, I went to everybody and this is the 70’s and said we can’t “stiff the waiter” we are taking a table of 10 from him as we need to tip him. Each a $1.00, was the agreed price. Lisa Short, Katie Whip, and many other girl friends were there that night. Many of my friends from then are long forgotten.So, I gathered up the money and gave it to the waiter, BobbyD. He just kinda stared at me. He then asked, “would you dance with me?” I explained to BobbyD that he was working and he might get fired.

BobbyD said, he didn’t care and we slowed dance… the rest is history.

Neither one of us had any money.

Me: I was getting off a bad divorce. Two young children in tow. A meager amount of child support and working on my GED.

BobbyD: A Viet Nam veteran working evenings in a “honkey tonk” for tips!

Not much of a future for either one of us!

However; it was love at first sight and we made it work. It was hard work. And we were poor. Very poor. However; BobbyD always believed in me…

BobbyD encouraged me to go to nursing school. Kinda a blind faith each one of making the other person better.

35 years later we are still working on it…